August 10, 2018

Introducing our newest Paleo-Artist of the week!

Li Hairo!

First of all, I think it is safe to say that Li Hairo is a MAJOR Jurassic Park fan... If you couldn't tell lol. Li's style of prehistoric art is vastly different than the majority of Paleo-Artists I have featured...

May 4, 2018

How nasty and formidable is #JurassicWorld's Indoraptor? Does it have a strong bite? How fast is it? Taking a closer look. Please #share

So we all know that #FallenKingdom's Indoraptor is supposed to be the smartest dinosaur created by geneticist Dr. Henry Wu. we a...

June 15, 2017

This is going to change the way that we view Pliosaurs! A new fossil marine reptile has been found in Russia and it has scientists buzzing. They are saying it changes the way that we thought the group evolved. 

Plesiosaurs possess an unusual body shape not seen in other...

June 14, 2017

This is a great campaign poster. Designed by artist Ben Dewey and made to look like a vintage WW2 War Bond or campaign poster. Those little mammals have been trying to wiggle their way up the food chain for over 100 million years. Join us in the "fight against the Mamm...

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February 15, 2020

February 15, 2020

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