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Escape from the Cretaceous

By Ben Manarello

“We owe our existence to nature, and let us not forget how fortunate we are that the dangers of nature’s past, are in the past.”

Join three Alphadon mammals as they face the perils of the late Cretaceous. Among their many challenges to stay alive, they must survive an onslaught of earth's deadliest predators. They must avoid accidentally being flattened as thin as paper by some of the largest herbivores that ever walked the earth, towering over 30 feet high and weighing over 80 tons!

The diversity of life on land in this time is impressive and dangerous, but if you were to find yourself running for your life the last place you would want to seek refuge is in the water.

The oceans in the Cretaceous contained some of the most ferocious creatures ever to exist on the planet. It was a constant kill or be killed underwater realm. This world presents countless obstacles that need to be overcome to survive. The question is… what kind of animals are best adapted for the upcoming apocalypse? Who has what it takes to survive?

Welcome, to the Cretaceous!

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As seen above, the cover art for this book is going to go one of two ways. Option 1 or 2

Thank you to all the wonderful paleo artists who contributed in bringing the vision of this story to life. My hope is that this book will find its way into the hands of dinosaur lovers all over the world and of any age.


As of right now this book is still in the publishing process and will be available for e-book on amazon, Barns & Nobel and more.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon!!!

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Escape from the Cretaceous 

Paleo Artists

Ghost Dromeosaurus

Art by Aram Papazyan

Hell from above

Art by Fabio Pastori

Burning Rex

Art by Rushelle Kucala

Elasmosaurus and Alphadon - web3

art by Andi Turner

EFTC poster

Poster art by Aram Papazyan


Art by Ricardo Recto

A Fires thrist

Art by Ricardo Recto

Night terrors

Art by Ricardo Recto

I smell a Snake

Art by Ricardo Recto

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Night terrors

Art by Ricardo Recto

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