June 11th 1993

June 11, 2017

On this day 24 years ago my favorite movie was released in theaters. It was groundbreaking, innovative, stunning and original! Jurassic Park to this day is a great piece of art. From the original book written by Michael Crichton to the directing of Steven Spielberg. Even better than the fact that there were realistic dinosaurs on screen for the first time using computer graphics (Minus the feathers) was the acting. It is still so believable. I am watching it right now as I type this haha. the musical score by John Williams is other piece of art. I mean this is the guy who also wrote the sores for movies like, E.T., Jaws, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Superman, Saving Private Ryan, Harry Potter, Schindler's List and Close Encounters of the Third Kind....So a musical genius to say the least.


Jurassic Park cemented my love for dinosaurs and prehistoric life. It's fascinating to me. How a species can change over millions of years, adapting with its environment. But back to what I was saying before...The acting.


Sam Neill - Dr. Grant

Laura Dern - Dr. Sattler

Jeff Goldbloom - Dr. Malcolm

Richard Attenborough - John Hammond

Sam Jackson - Ray Arnold

Wayne Knight - Dennis Nedry

Bob Peck - Robert Muldoon

Martin Ferrero - Donald Gennaro

B.D. Wong - Henry Wu

Ariana Richards - Lex Murphy

Joseph Mazzello - Tim Murphy


I could not have asked for a better cast after seeing their performances. Every actor nailed their roles. 


The movie brought a whole new generation of dinosaur lovers into this world and into the sciences, the same way that I hope the new Jurassic World series will do for future generations. 


Despite some of the movies inaccuracies, like altering the Dilophosaurus to have a wavy hood around its head and spitting poisonous venom into its victims eyes, the movie will continue to be relevant wow kids and adults for years to come. Paleontologists like Jack Horner, who Michael Crichton modeled Dr. Grant after, was on the set and helping with the accuracy of the information given in the film and the animals themselves. Obviously some of the facts were twisted with a little movie magic but thats ok.    



The movie was the first of its kind and it's hard to believe there will ever be another one as good. 


Happy 24th Anniversary the movie and 25th to the book!