The World's First Saber-Toothed Killer!

July 20, 2017

260 million years ago, evolution took a morbid turn. For the first time in earths history, our world was introduced to a terrestrial  predator with a devastating set of weapons! Its name is Inostrancevia. A genus of carnivorous therapsids, containing the largest members of the family Gorgonopsid characterized by long, saber-tooth-like canines. It inhabited what is now Northern Russia and was unmatched by any other predator at the time. Growing up to 12 feet long with a 2 foot long skull with nightmare size teeth. 


Inostrancivia was a mammal like reptile or Synapsids. Meaning a group of animals that includes mammals and every animal more closely related to mammals. Synapsids were the largest terrestrial vertebrates in the Permian period, 299 to 251 million years ago. The Gorgons were the largest predators and most terrifying of this group. 


There most definitive characteristic was their 6.5 inch long canine saber-teeth. This was an animal that was more than capable of chasing down its prey and like a modern day lion or the famous Saber-tooth tiger, was able to bury these massive teeth into the neck of an animal and kill it ether by asphyxiation for by massive blood loss


Imagine an animal the size of a bear with T-Rex size teeth galloping toward you with one thing in mind. Its next meal! Its skull was thick and made to withstand the force of teeth against thick scaled skin and bone. The only creature alive at the time that could have challenged this killer would have been another Inostrancevia. Studies of the animals jaws have shown many cases of inflicted injury but after closer analysis, they discovered that the gouges on the skulls and bones were made by other Gorgons.