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Over 500 million years of evolution.
This site was made to further peoples knowledge about the prehistoric past and to connect and debate new and old topics. A guide to
Understanding what once was!

An ancient time of Titans!

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This site is for all ages and is dedicated to the love of the prehistoric world. I also travel to schools and museums to educate kids and their families in hopes to broaden their imaginations. The love for dinosaurs help children expand their minds to things beyond the limitations of what you can only see in front of you. expanding your imagination and dreams will help them for the rest of their lives. I would appreciate any contribution you can make to help me keep this site going and continue to educate young minds.

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Welcome to

Jurassic Jabber

This site is dedicated to my inner child. The boy who started loving dinosaurs from 4 years old. The boy who was offered a trip to Disneyland instead of going to see Jurassic Park because he was only 8 years old and the movie was PG-13 and turned it down. It is also dedicated to my mother, who through all the years of loving dinosaurs and prehistoric life without anyone to talk to or share that interest with, would listen and even learn so I could have someone to talk to.

She did that Just for me. Thank you mom.


I have so many takes, so many opinions and so many facts that I have kept to myself that I should have just expressed and pursued. Maybe I still will but in the meantime, I want to use this site as a way to show and express how cool and amazing these animals were. The largest creatures ever to walk the earth or inhabit the sea! The textures, sizes, new found colors, imprints, fossils, discoveries, history of paleontology, books, evolution, extinction, Paleo-art and anything else that comes to my mind.


I hope you enjoy

I know I will :)

Benjamino Manarello

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