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Know Your Paleontologists

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a German vertebrate paleontologist and comparative anatomist, with a background in the bio- and geosciences. Specializing in Spinosaurids and also Led the team that discovered the new skeleton of Spinosaurus.

New and up and coming paleontologist and science educator with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 

American Paleontologist and geologist and Directory of Education and Outreach at the University of California Museum of Paleontology. She was elected to the California Academy of Sciences in 2000.


Paleontologists who led the team that excavated "Sue", one of the largest and most complete specimen of Tyrannosaurus Rex found to date.


Canadian palaeontologist

and museum curator who helped found the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta. He helped describe some of the first feathered dinosaurs. his areas of expertise include theropods (especially Tyrannosauridae), the origin of birds.

Philip Currie

American paleontologist who has discovered several new   dinosaur species on several continents, including at sites in Inner MongoliaArgentinaMorocco and Niger. One of his most widely publicized discoveries is that of a nearly complete specimen of Sarcosuchus - popularly known as SuperCroc! 

Paul Sereno

American paleontologist who helped reshape modern theories about dinosaurs, particularly by adding support to the theory that some dinosaurs were endothermic

(warm-blooded). He revealed the first evidence of parental care at nesting sites for   Allosaurus. He is also an author! Writing amazing book like Raptor Red.

Robert T. Bakker
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John Robert Horner is an American paleontologist most famous for discovering and naming Maiasaura, providing the first clear evidence that some dinosaurs cared for their young. He has worked on movies like Jurassic Park and is currently working on changing a modern day chicken to have clawed arms, tail and teeth like its ancestors.

Jack Horner

The New guard

Peter Larson
Ashley Hall

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This site is for all ages and is dedicated to the love of the prehistoric world. I also travel to schools and museums to educate kids and their families in hopes to broaden their imaginations. The love for dinosaurs help children expand their minds to things beyond the limitations of what you can only see in front of you. expanding your imagination and dreams will help them for the rest of their lives. I would appreciate any contribution you can make to help me keep this site going and continue to educate young minds. Even if it's just a couple dollars.

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