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Lucas Jaymez

A 39 year old graphic designer from Argentina. This man is a triple threat when it comes to his artistic talents.


1.He takes images of modern day animals in real life situations and then duplicates the image replacing the modern animal with a prehistoric one. The beauty of his illustrations is that it really give you a sense of common and familiar behaviors that these prehistoric animals most likely did on a every day basis. 


2. Lucas is a sculptor and a spectacular sculptor at that. His models exhibit a real sense of texture and life. Especially in the eyes. The colors and attention to the details of the skin are quite impressive. Sculpting and molding skulls of animals like Carnotaurus, miniatures of sauropods, Raptors, Pterosaurs and more! 


3. Lucas is a photoshop wiz and is able to combine images of modern day birds, lizards, Crocodiles, snakes and mammals to create a realistic prehistoric masterpiece. Simply put, he combines animals like a bird and a lizard to create a Dinosaur or pterosaur. Some of his images are almost scary how realistic they are. 

Thank you Lucas Laymez for bringing a new form and art perspective to us all. I am honored to name you Paleo-Artist of the week.



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