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Fabio Pastori!


Every once in a while, you come across an artist that is totally unique, different from all the rest, an imagination bound by nothing and is ahead of his or her time. Fabio Pastori has a style that holds your eyes attention. Detail to a degree that pops off the page. Colors no one else would dare to use and was doing so in a time where “everyone” thought that dinosaurs looked like the ones in Jurassic Park. Scaled and brown. At the time in the mid-90s his work was criticized for the amount of feathers, colors and extra extravagant organic displays. But we all know now that he was just ahead of his time. Speaking volumes with his imagination.


“I have always considered the most effective communication to be art, “visual”.”


Pastori started off his art career in 80s and 90s in the advertising field creating images so impactful that the most of the text was overlooked, meaning the image spoke louder than words. It was in the mid to late 90s that he found a passion for dinosaurs, specifically Theropods. The structure and power of their anatomy was astonishing to him. When his vivid imagination is combines with the realism of birds today, you get a combination that is set apart from any other artist. His animals maintain a strong character, sense of emotion and danger. The colors pop off the page and display a range that most of us never thought about. Pastori lives in a 3dementional artistic realm. The majority of his animals are created with perspective. Meaning they are drawn coming at you, turning, jumping, and or torqued in some way where the artists needs to possess an immense amount of skill to portray the animal in a realistic 3d light. Combine all of these traits and you get images with animals that actually seem to have a soul.


Pastori, like many animal artists, has a strong background in and knowledge of Biology, history of Evolution, Comparative Anatomy. Naturally, many of his animals are also inspired by some of the latest scientific papers and discoveries. But he considers himself a dinosaur artist and not a true paleoartist. Famous Paleontologist Jack Horner, a good friend of Pastori, has expressed personally how much he enjoys Pastori’s work. After seeing his last painting of a vividly white and iridescently colored Velociraptor Jack Horner stated, “Oh yeah! Finally a real F---ing dinosaur. Very good Fabio!”


Pastori understands the value of “risk”. Detail and emotion that make up an image that can make or break a normally thought to be “outrageous” idea and make it plausible. When asked about his inspiration Pastori said, “There are many artists who influenced me, many in the history of classical art. But it is nature with all its wonders that inspires me the most.” He has been on the cover of "The Prehistoric Magazine" multiple times and his art has been featured in articles around the world and in fossil news, and in books like "Dinosaurs the Grand Tour". 

Thank you Fabio Pastori for your inspiration, your imagination, innovation, your drive to be different and attention to angle and detail. It is my pleasure to name you Jurassic Jabber’s newest Paleo Artist of the week.

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