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What we hope to Achieve 

Kids love dinosaurs, that's a fact. But who doesn't love dinosaurs right? Nothing broadens a child's imagination more than they thought of these gigantic animals. It has been proven that kids who have a fascination with dinosaurs have bigger imaginations, an expanded vocabulary, and an eagerness to learn and absorb new information. We have learned more about dinosaur and prehistoric earth in the last 25 years than we have in the last 100. Our goal is bring that knowledge and wonder to your classroom or event. Wow people of all ages and bring the love of dinosaurs and resources of a museum to you. We need more people in the sciences and it starts with our kids. Dinosaurs are a gateway to the love of science.

Bringing accurate prehistoric information in a fun and interactive way


One of our favorite events. Dino Days at the California Academy of Sciences


Imagine being able to actually touch and feel the full sized skulls, teeth and bones of dinosaurs. We all love museums but you are unable to hold or even touch the specimens.

Everything we do is hands on.


There is something about dinosaurs that captures the imagination and just begs up to ask and learn more. 


Over 3,000 kids and their families attended the event to look and actually engage in the hands on activities and hold the full scale replicas. 

It was the best prehistoric learning experience in the bay area!


We do this for the absolute joy and wonder that it brings to our future generations. "Everyone in the world has the rite to enjoy these animals" (John Hammond)

Let us bring a wonderful and fun prehistoric experience directly to you. :)

Its all about perspective. In a world full of screens, the sense of true scale is lost on the general public and especially kids. when you compare two items sizes on a screen it can only be perceived as far as the size of your screen. Putting you next to the actual thing, THATS how you really expand your imagination. 


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Dinosaurs at your school, Museum or Party

Unearth the excitement of science with our paleontological presentations. Bringing real and replica fossils to schools and cities in the California Bay Area. Ignite curiosity with hands-on experiences for a memorable journey into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. Book now for an educational adventure! Calendar Time slots include setup and tear down times.

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