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A mobile STEAM-based classroom museum, to present factual
prehistoric information in a format that's both fun and interactive.


We bring the

prehistoric world

directly to you!


The Jurassic Jabber mobile STEAM-based classroom museum features life-size replicas and real dinosaur fossils. We bring the latest paleontological information, mind-blowing paleo art, and educational games directly to your school or event to inspire current and future generations to take a real interest in science.

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Imagine being able to actually touch and feel the full sized skulls, teeth and bones of dinosaurs. We all love museums but you are unable to hold or even touch the specimens.

Everything we do is hands on.

There is something about dinosaurs that captures the imagination and just begs us to ask and learn more. 


Jurassic Jabber was featured at the California

Academy of Sciences Dino Days event, where ​

over 3,000 children and their families had the opportunity to see and actually engage in our hands-on activities and hold the full scale fossil replicas.


It was the best prehistoric learning experience in the bay area, and I was so honored to have presented there!


Ben Manarello

Jurassic Jabber Founder

Certificate in Paleo-Biology

from the University of Alberta 

Presented at

The California Academy of Sciences

La Brea Tar Pits Las Angeles 

The Black Hawk Museum 

It's all about perspective!

In today's world full of screens, our sense of true scale is lost. This is especially true for kids, who's perception of size is limited by the size of their screen. Putting them next to the real thing...

THAT's how you expand the imagination!

We are living in the golden age of dinosaur discovery. There have been more discoveries in the last 20 years than have been made in the last 200!

Let Jurassic Jabber bring this excitement to you.


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Dinosaurs at your school, Museum or Party

Unearth the excitement of science with our paleontological presentations. Bringing real and replica fossils to schools and cities in the California Bay Area. Ignite curiosity with hands-on experiences for a memorable journey into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. Book now for an educational adventure! Calendar Time slots include setup and tear down times.

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