A Jurassic Ocean Assassin!

Everyone knows that the Jurassic landscape was full of gigantic sauropods and ferocious killers. But no matter how dangerous it was on land. The last place you wanted to find yourself was in the water. 160-150 million years ago, the iconic Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Ceratosaurus and Brachiosaurus roamed the earth and were the rulers on the land. But any one of these Jurassic gladiators would be helpless against the dangers of deep waters. Top of the list of the oceanic threats was the deadly Liopleurodon. A 28-38 foot long Marine reptile with a skull at least 6 feet long! This aquatic killer had teeth up to 10 inches long and 4 inches thick. It was a part of the Pliosaur family. Sp

This Fish Would Literally Bite You In Half And Was Armored!

Imagine a giant fish 30 feet long with jaws like a chopping block. Anything that found itself inside the mouth of this fish ended up dead. 382 million years ago nature came up with a new killing machine that dominated the Late Devonian period for over 30 million years. Its name was Dunkleosteus and there has never been another fish like since it went extinct. And its a good thing for us that it did. Dunkleosteus was a placoderm (Armored Fish) meaning that its front half of its body was made up of bone and hard tissue. kind of like a head made out of a turtles shell. It's thought that this large fish would have roamed the shorelines like a modern day great white. How fast this animal could tr

One Of Nature's Most Bizarre Dinosaurs!

The island of Madagascar has shown that because of it's isolation from the rest of the world, it can produce some of the most unique and weirdest animals on the planet today. 70 million years ago it was no different. It seems as though Madagascar is the perfect environment for evolutionary experiments. A great example of this is the Cretaceous theropod Masiakasaurus. In Malagasy, masiaka means "vicious"; thus, the genus name means "vicious lizard". Unlike most theropods, the front teeth of M. knopfleri projected forward instead of straight down. This unique dentition suggests that they had a specialized diet, perhaps including fish and other small prey. It is a completely bizarre skull struc

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