Ever hear of Extant Phylogenetic Bracketing?

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a Ted Talk with evolutionary biologist Dr. Emma Schachner and the compelling new theory of why Dinosaurs were able to become the dominant species on the planet in the late Triassic. Dr. Schachner explains that the most popular theory has to do with the early dinosaurs lungs and how they breathe. Both ancient and modern mammals have a set of lungs that expand when taking in oxygen and compress when expelling it. Further, the lungs are pressed up against the spine and if you inhale deep enough you can literally feel your lungs pressing up against your rib-cage and your lower back. Because of this your lungs are only able to take in a certain amount o

Dilophosaurus had semi OPPOSABLE THUMBS

In Case you missed it! Dilophosaurus had semi OPPOSABLE THUMBS? UCBerkley confirmed. https://ucmp.berkeley.edu/dilophosaur/habits.html It’s a well-known fact that Dilophosaurus was one of the very few dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise that is actually from the Jurassic Period. In the movie this thought to be juvenile Diloph was only about 4 feet tall with a large flapping skin frill made up by Steven Spielberg to resemble the famous Chlamydosaurus (Frilled-necked Lizard living in northern Australia today). In reality the apex early Jurassic predator was one of the most well adapted and unique theropod dinosaurs nature created. Living around 190 million years ago, its species stretched

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