Meet Dynamoterror The "Powerful Terror Ruler"

A newly discovered relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex has been found in New Mexico and announced today. Tyrannosaurs often bear fierce names. Aside from the “tyrant lizard” Tyrannosaurus itself, there’s the “monstrous murderer” Teratophoneus, the “frightful lizard” Daspletosaurus, and the “gore king” Lythronax. But a new set of tyrannosaur bones extracted from the 80-million-year-old rock of New Mexico may have one of the most imposing names of all—Dynamoterror dynastes, the “powerful terror ruler.” The remains of this new Tyrannosaur were found in 2012 by Paleontologist Andrew McDonald. It is estimated to be around 30-feet-long, but what is even more amazing then how big it was is when and where

Sharks in the sky? It’s not a bad movie; it’s natural history

It was a prehistoric clash of the ages that didn’t end pretty when a monster in the sky clashed with a beast of the deep. The sorry outcome for one particular flying reptile is brutally recorded on a fossil where a shark chomped its neck, leaving a telltale tooth wedged against a vertebra. USC researchers who studied the bones kept at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum say it’s a rare glimpse of wildlife interactions in the age of dinosaurs. A window to a lost world, the findings help fill gaps about how a group of extinct flying creatures – pterosaurs – lived and behaved. The study appears in the Dec. 14 issue of Peer J — the Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences. “Understan

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