Interview With Paleo-Artist Phil Wilson

I am extremely excited to present our new Paleo-Artist of the week, and one of the most accomplished Paleo-Artists out there! Phil Wilson! I had the honor of conducting a phone interview with Mr. Wilson and I could not have asked for a better conversation. What an absolute pleasure. He has worked with and done the artwork for Paleontologists like Jack Horner and even the images for the famous book "Raptor Red" by Robert T. Bakker! Not to mention he also had an impressive career working with Disney...YES, you read that right, DISNEY. This artistic genius has over 50 years in the business. You might not have known it but growing up there is a very good chance that you were captivated by his in

Fallen Kingdom's Indoraptor

How nasty and formidable is #JurassicWorld's Indoraptor? Does it have a strong bite? How fast is it? Taking a closer look. Please #share So we all know that #FallenKingdom's Indoraptor is supposed to be the smartest dinosaur created by geneticist Dr. Henry Wu. we also know that it was created relatively quickly as the trailer says that INGEN specifically needs Blue's DNA. And unless there is a drastic time laps in this movie, The #Indoraptor must have been created and matured at an abnormally fast rate. So we know it can do more than just open doors, I am hoping to see some real terrifying strategy from this thing. That being said, taking a closer look at the animals anatomy, the Indoraptor

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