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A bit of fact and fiction

Through the years I have read many books put out by Paleontologists and famous authors, here is a list of books both based on scientific fact and discover and some books that are just fun reads.

If you are just looking for something thrilling and adventurous I would highly recommend "Jurassic Park and the Lost World" by Michael Crichton.

Crichton's ability to pull you into the story with his compelling grasp of the English language is in a good majority of critics opinions, rare in this day and age. Unfortunately Crichton died in 2008 which was a huge loss to fans and story lovers world wide.

Just recently an nearly finished story was found in Crichton's archives by his wife titled "Dragons Teeth." It was then finished and released in May 2017. The story touches on the hostile relationship and journey of american paleontologists Charles Marsh and Edward Cope. The Bone Wars, also known as the "Great Dinosaur Rush" in the late 1800s. Over 1000 different dinosaurs were named during this time.

I will say that even though I enjoyed this book immensely, it missed the mark on being a classic Crichton novel. That being said, please don't pass up on this book because of that. It is an extremely good read and touches on aspects of the Bone Wars that most people would not know and there is some great imagination in this book as well.

I will touch base on some of the other books I have shown in the image above later but if you feel like looking these books up before my post about them, please do so. I would love to see if others agree with my take on these books.

I recommend looking these up first.

"Cretaceous Dawn" by Lisa Graziano

"The Dinosaur Four" by Geoff Jones

"Raptor Red" by Robert T. Bakker

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