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Insane bite force!

It is no secret that T-Rex had a powerful bite, but evidence has recently shown that it was even stronger than previously thought. We are talking close to 14,000 pounds of force! That's about how much the Tyrannosaurus weighs. That, without a doubt, shows that the T-Rex had the most powerful bite force of any terrestrial animal in earths history that we know of. The jaw muscles of the T-Rex continued to grow as the animal matured at a rapid rate. Meaning the older the animal got the more powerful its bite could be if healthy.

It was built for crushing bone and ripping limbs from its victims. There is still a large community of paleontologists on debate over whether or not the Rex was a scavenger or hunter. Ether way, the animal could crush almost anything it could wrap its teeth around.

The neck muscles on these super carnivores are another topic all together. Animals like Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus both had powerful bits but their jaws were built for a different strategy of killing.

if you look at the graphic I have displayed underneath, It is obvious that the T-Rex has the most powerful jaw muscles, but if you look at the neck muscles on the Allosaurus you will see there is 40% more muscle mass compared to its body size than the Rex. The teeth on the Allosaurus are much smaller than the Tyranno's but are much more serrated and sharply pointed. Not made for crashing but more for tearing and lacerating. Scientists have recently come to the conclusion that animals like Ceratosaurus and Allosaurus used their heads like a 20 knife pointed hammer. Causing deep wounds and leading to massive blood loss.

The large predator would slam its upper jaws on its victim and rip through its flesh so cleanly that the blood doesn't have a chance to clot and within a short amount of time the animal bleeds to death. All the Allosaurus and Ceratorsurs had to do was follow its food till it literally dropped dead. Ceratosaurus had even larger teeth than Allosaurus but it is thought that it used the same killing method.

Both of these extreme killing styles were drastically different but extremely effective. Just makes you thankful that we are all safe from their unmatched killing abilities.

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