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Dinosaur Killer

There were animals that could kill something as large as a T-Rex. Since my last topic was on the bite force of T-Rex I thought I might continue on the subject with one of the few species that even dinosaurs feared. Between 112-70 million years ago, crocodilians were thriving in all shapes and sizes. Among the biggest were Sarcosuchus and Deinosuchus. When fully grown individuals estimated to have reached up to 11–12 m (36–39 ft) in total length and 8 tonnes (8.8 short tons) in weight. Thats as long and as heavy as T-Rex.

Both of these apex predators have been found in at least 10 of the US states showing that they were able to thrive and adapt to harsh conditions in multiple locations. It's hard to imagine a Crocodile larger then what we have in the Nile river, around 15 feet long. But it's time to let your imagination soar as you take a look at some of this paleo-art and actual images of the animals skulls.

Paleontologist Paul Sereno has been studying these animals for over a decade and has found some Crocs even more bizarre than we previously thought. Kaprosuchus or "Boarcroc" would have been a horrible creature to encounter. as seen in the last two images in this blog post. It was 14 feet long and could stand upright with devastating mouthful of 4 inch teeth. The scariest part of all is that his Croc could run as well as swim!

Time has slimmed the size of the dinosaur killers so something a little more manageable for us humans to coexist with.

Crocs and Alligators are lowering in numbers around the world but thankfully countries like Australia

have been doing an amazing job at preserving these animal's habitats and are slowly helping the species raise their numbers.

Imaging time were herd of pant eating hadrosaurs gathers around a watering hole and are being stalked by a large aquatic killer the same way wildebeest and Zebra are in Africa today.

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