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They poured their heart and souls into this!

I have never seen such dedication and love for the detail and accuracy that artist James Havens and his crew put into their 30 foot long mural. I just watched a video from "The Alaskan Paleo-Project" and James havens. All I have to say is WOW! I have always enjoyed sitting back after looking at a fossil or reading an article on new findings and picturing what it might have looked like all of those millions of years ago.

James Havens and his crew have quite literally done all of that work for us. After coming up with the idea of creating a accurate 30 foot long mural, they took the the process of creating this giant painting to a new level. Havens traveled to Hawaii to video and photograph what the waters of the time would have looked like. The colors, the reflections, the motion, the sea floor and coral. Even the idea of portraying the temperature of the water in a painting was taken into consideration.

Havens then made a small scale model of a prehistoric sea with 3D models of the marine life that would be included into their mural. All of this, photos, models and research was all done by Havens and his crew. After they gathered all of the information they needed to create the most accurate portrayal of ocean oceans over 66 million years old, They built their own canvas frame, applied the canvas and began the painting process. They even talked to paleontologists in Montanan to make sure that their Plesiosaurs, and more specifically, their short necked Elasmosaurus were accurate.

The result is one of the most amazing images of the prehistoric sea that I have ever seen. It was made even more vibrant in my minds eye after watching Havens' crew poor their heart and souls into the project. They then shared the mural with the community to educate and share their passion for this project with the world. Please take the time to watch this video of Havens and his crew creating this amazing one of a kind piece of historically detailed Paleo-Art.

Than you James Havens and your crew. I not only loved your project....I felt it. I am pleased to name you Paleo-Artist of the week!

Here are some images of Havens other paintings

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