A Whale With T-Rex Size Teeth!!!

July 28, 2017

Brygmophyseter is an extinct toothed whale in the sperm whale family. Living around 15 million years ago. The name is a combination of the Greek word brygmos, which means "biting" or "gnashing".  It was first found in Japan the world was quickly in shock to see a skull 5 feet long with T-Rex size teeth! Its total estimated size was around 40 feet long. Not as long as some modern day whales but 3 times as big and as deadly as an Orca. 

 The root of this whales teeth were angled back into the jaw, making them extremely sturdy and able to withstand extreme force and struggling prey. 


This whale was huge and dangerous, but that did not mean that it could swim freely through the oceans of the world without any worries. This whale had the rotten luck of living at the same time as the largest shark the world has ever known, Megalodon! Brygmophyseter bones have been found missing entire flippers and show giant teeth marks along the tail and spine. It is clear that Megalodon hunted these whales. BUT! Scientists have also found some very interesting marks on Megalodon skulls as well.