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Save Your Planet

Imagine a world not 200 years ago where this wasn’t a problem.... recycle, compost and pick up trash you see. We are in the middle of the latest mass extinction and we are the cause! Love the earth you live on by helping in even the littlest ways.

It was brought to my attention recently that not all of the items we recycle actually get recycled. Now I already knew this to some extent, but not the truth, the sheer volume of plastics that are still being dumped in our oceans. I thought we as a species were doing better with that but it turns out we are actually doing worse. There are so many beautiful souls that care so much about saving our oceans and they are out there every day...but compared to the amount of people on this earth who don't care...its almost sickening.

Do your best, pick up after yourself.

do your best, pick up a piece of trash even if it isn't yours.

do your best, bring a trash bag with you when you go to the beach.

and even if you think it won't make a difference...still do it. Every little bit will help.

There are so many animals that will never exist on this earth again because of humans. Every year another species becomes extinct because of us.

Don't believe me?

We are expanding, destroying, polluting and killing our way to being the only animals left on this earth.

Do what you can to help stop the words 5th mass extinction

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