Allosaurus vs. Saurophaganax

March 3, 2018

Most of you out there have heard of Allosaurus. "The king of the Jurassic". But there was another large predator living 150 million years ago in the late #Jurassic period right along side Allosaurus that a good chunk of the public has never heard of. Saurophaganax.


After reading articles from Paleontologists Robert Bakker and Phil Currie, both these animals are vicious #killers, there are some major differences in their build and #evolutionary #weapons.


              Allosaurus                                                    Saurophaganax 
      estimated 28-35 ft long                                    estimated 34-40 ft long
           2.5 short tons                                                   3.2 short tons
           33 inch skull                                                     39 inch skull


Both of these giant predators had massive claws on both hands and finely serrated and sharp teeth. There are two major differences between the two animals.


One is the obvious size difference and the other how these animals killed their prey.

Saurophaganax seemed to be a massive brute. Its bone structure suggests that it had #massive #muscles around the arms and legs for ripping and tearing flesh.

Allosaurus was a faster animal which most likely relied on stealth and agility to bring down large prey.


Here’s a big difference.