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Fallen Kingdom's Indoraptor

How nasty and formidable is #JurassicWorld's Indoraptor? Does it have a strong bite? How fast is it? Taking a closer look. Please #share

So we all know that #FallenKingdom's Indoraptor is supposed to be the smartest dinosaur created by geneticist Dr. Henry Wu. we also know that it was created relatively quickly as the trailer says that INGEN specifically needs Blue's DNA. And unless there is a drastic time laps in this movie, The #Indoraptor must have been created and matured at an abnormally fast rate. So we know it can do more than just open doors, I am hoping to see some real terrifying strategy from this thing.

That being said, taking a closer look at the animals anatomy, the Indoraptor seems to have a very unique and interesting body structure. Ill start with the jaws...

Most animals with a large bite force have a significant amount of muscle around the base of the skull and neck. Tyrannosaurus, Crocs, sharks, lions ex.... Looking at the Indoraptor, it seems to be lacking the jaw structure and musculature to have a large bite force. To go along with this "theory", the teeth of the Indoraptor are placed on the outer rim of the upper and lower jaws. Indicating that the animals teeth are not strongly supported or deeply rooted.

Now this doesn't mean the animal has a cute little bite, or that its teeth would fall out easily. I believe that it suggests that the animal would use its head like a spiked hammer. Take Allosaurus for example. Didin't have a strong bite force but it did have sharp teeth and a high neck ridge supporting the back of the skull. It would open its jaws wide and come down on its prey, sink its teeth in and tear it across flesh, causing massive blood loss.

I don't know if this is the way they will portray the Indoraptor in the movie, but that's the observation that I have made. It even has scales down its back like the belly of a #snake.

Next is its posture and skeletal structure. Looking at the Indoraptor's Hind and forelimbs, I would guess that it spends a good amount of the time walking on all fours. It seems to be very lanky with a long torso, and possibly on the top heavy side. The length of its arms alone would cause the animal to slouch. I am thinking it movies similar to some hadrosaurs. Walking around on all fours with a hot-rod shaped body (Meaning tail higher in the air and head lower to the ground) but when it comes time to turn on the jets it would use momentum and lift the arms off the ground running like a biped. With the amount of bend in the animals legs I would guess it has a lot of spring in its step.

One last thing. Those claws on the hands and feet are NASTY! the claws on the "hands" are not that much smaller than the ones on its feet. So I would venture to guess that it would use those claws in a most devastating way.

Overall I would think that this animal would be more built for speed, agility, cunning and slashing then power.

What are your thoughts on the new Indoraptor and how they have designed it?

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