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Perfectly Preserved Giant Moa footprints!

These amazing MOA Footprints are finally being cut and transferred.

“We are so excited to announce that the Otago Museum team along with colleagues from the University of Otago have been excavating a major discovery of SEVEN MOA FOOTPRINTS for the past few days.”

You can read more about their story here:…/ara-moa-a-hidden-pathway-of-lost-…/

Image credit: Kane Fleury, Otago Museum Collection.

Moas were nine species (in six genera) of now-extinct flightless birds endemic to New Zealand. The two largest species, Dinornis robustus and Dinornis novaezelandiae, reached about 3.6 m (12 ft) in height with neck outstretched, and weighed about 230 kg (510 lb). It is estimated that, when Polynesians settled New Zealand circa 1280, the moa population was about 58,000.

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