The famed La Brea Tar Pits excavation site is getting a makeover. See the first concepts

September 18, 2019

Growing up in California I never really had the opportunity to see a whole lot of fossil exhibits or museums. California just didn't have any. Aside from the famous Cenozoic era themed "La Brea Tar Pits". I have had the privilege to be able to visit this wonderful museum in Las Angeles not that long ago and I was dragging my jaw on the floor throughout the entire exhibit.


For many of you who aren't familiar with this treasure of a museum, it showcases amazing full size skeletons of animals like Smilodon (Sabertooth tiger), The American Lion, Giant ground Sloths, Dire Wolves, Wolly Mammoths, and much more from the Cenozoic Era. I have recently learned that this museum will be undergoing a "slight" makeover. Renovations and construction will start soon, giving this classic museum a more modern touch with multiple floors and the ability to watch paleontologists, geologists, and biologists getting their hands dirty with their on site excavations. 


The Tar Pits we know.