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#JW2 Official Logo and Poster

The new logo for the upcoming Jurassic World 2 movie has been released! The movie will be titled Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Taking a look at this poster, I would think that there is going to be a good amount of destruction with the falling ash and fire. The logo itself is broken up a bit as well. The plot for the movie is geared more toward weaponized dinosaurs...Which by the way, can they just make a Dino-Rider movie already? I have only been waiting my whole life for that! But ya, dinosaurs used in combat. Also, another twist was released regarding the raptor at the end of the first Jurassic World Movie, Blue. A lot of the movie will be focused on her as well. Owen has to go back to the island to save Blue from the InGen group that want to use its DNA to make more animals that can take orders.

This all seems a little out there to me but the movie have no other rout to go so lets see how they do. Ether way its going to be epic!

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